Decision Making Tarot Spread

Firs Card
Represents your or overall energy with the decision yet to be made.

Second Card
Represents the positive attributes of the situation currently under consideration.

Third Card
Represents other matters or considerations that need to be addressed.

Fourth Card
Represents the negative attributes of the situation currently under consideration.

About The Decision Making Tarot Spread

The Decision Making Spread allows you to discover the outcomes or consequences regarding important decisions. Even though the layout is quite basic, it is straight to the point which enable it to provide important insights with the decision making course of action.

A number of people discover four card spreads for being insignificant; however, the volume of cards within a spread isn't going to determine its worth. With this in mind, The Decision Making Spread can be quite effective and powerful mainly because it really helps to identify the advantages and disadvantages on the decision in question. With this particular priceless knowledge, one can possibly achieve a much wider point of view. The supreme objective of this spread is usually to allow you to look into the most effective course of action.

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