All about Tarot Spreads

The cards used in a tarot deck are meant to help the reader guide a person to clarity. This is a practice with ancient roots, and today it is well known that a tarot reading can be a great help for someone trying to make some sense of life and its challenges. If you are interested in tarot readings you don’t have to find a local professional. Online you will find Kasamba's advisors who can give you efficient readings, helping you dig inside for the answers that you need.

There are many different decks, and it can be quite interesting to look at historical tarot decks each with its unique symbolism and style. But apart from the cards and their symbols, the way the cards are placed on the table is also of importance to the tarot card reader. This is known as the spread, named for how the cards are spread for the reading.

Different methods for reading tarot

There are different methods for reading tarot cards, and beginning readers will usually begin by just spreading the cards upside down on the table. After picking a card that one feels particularly drawn to the reading can begin. A common question asked can be “What is important to me?”, after which a card is drawn and the reader and the person asking the question can start analyzing its content.

With specific spreads, different set areas will have a certain spot in the spread. While each spread has the same goal, to help you find the answers to your inner questions, they will present different techniques and varying focuses.

It is important to use a set methodology when analyzing tarot cards as the spreads are important being that they provide a framework which makes it easier to reach valuable conclusions throughout the reading.

Commonly used spreads

It is quite possible to come up with unique spreads, but there are some that are used all over the world, some of which we are about to take a look at:

The cross spreads

There are several cross spreads that are apparently influenced by the Christian religion. One of these is the Celtic Cross Spread. This spread is used for many different questions. There are a few variations of the shape but it is used in a similar way for different questions about life and about specific decisions that need to be made. The cross and triangle versions are mainly used when asking questions that deal with direction in life.

The astrological spread

This is also a popular spread where no questions are asked before the cards are put on the table. Each card represents one aspect of you, and the reader will go through the cards bringing up things like your mood, your health and your finances. Step by step, this spread will let you have a look at different aspects of you and your life and it can be a real eye opener.

Relationship spread

There are also different relationship or love spreads where you get to explore your love life. This spread can be used for a single as well as for someone in a relationship as it brings up important things such as your personal needs in a relationship. This spread is often used by people who are looking for answers to questions like "Should I continue in this relationship?", or "Should I start a relationship with this person?" and so on.

The birthday spread

If you are looking to set up some serious goals in your life this will be a cool spread to use. The Birthday Spread is meant to help you set up new goals for your next birthday.  You will look at things like where you are holding in life right now and where you would like to go. The spread can be used anytime during the year but closer to your birthday will allow less time to enact the goals.

The mandala spread

The Mandala Spread is meant to help out with spiritual questions. This is another spread that doesn’t work with questions. Instead, the cards on the table will be a help in analyzing your current situation and focusing on where you would like to go spiritually with your life. It is a good spread for figuring out direction in your life.

Past life spread

If you believe in past lives, this spread could be of interest to you since it takes into consideration how your previous lives are influencing your current one. The spread is believed to be able to give information about past lifetimes by showing you how they are influencing your current life emotionally, mentally and even physically.

Dream spread

When you want to explore a dream that you had you can use the Dream Spread.  This spread will help you see how relevant the dream you had was to your life and what you can take from it. It is a good help when you want to learn something from dreams.

Which spread should be used?

The good thing is that the person looking for a tarot reading doesn’t have to pick a spread. It is really up to the reader who will use the methods that he or she knows the best. You might get a question asking what you are looking to accomplish with the reading, and based on your answer the right spread will be chosen. Good tarot readers know to use different spreads and they will match it right to your kind of query. There is nothing supernatural about this which is why it is possible to do the readings over the phone or online.

The beauty of the tarot reading is that the answers you get come from yourself and the knowledge that you had all along, but that for certain reasons was hard for you to access. The spread is merely a tool meant to make the reading easier and more effective but if you feel that a certain spread has worked well for you in the past you should make sure to mention this to the reader who might be able to use the very same method.